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Caption This: Alfonso Ribeiro Watching the Cowboys Tank

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Your Caption Here!
Your Caption Here!

This week, let me just say, was not lacking in possibilities for the Caption This. The Jim Harbaugh sideline reaction shots alone are worth... hang on, I need to do the conversions... at 1,000 words a piece, with 1,000 words equaling between 150 and 275 laughs, plus or minus 10% for extreme Harbaugh faces, carry the two... Ah, yes. The Jim Harbaugh sideline reaction shots alone are worth several thousand laughs.

Now, yes, I understand that this is not necessarily the perfect photo for a Caption This. One guy. Smiling. Only so much to do with that. I get it. But, come on. It's Carlton. He magically appeared in my image feed. There was the Jaguars' new mustachioed owner. There was Harbaugh doing something that I assure you was hilarious. And then there was Carlton. My hands were quite literally tied. And while that admittedly made it difficult to set up this thread, I pulled through by learning how to type with my... wait, this is a public forum... let's just say my feet.

As for context, the headline here pretty much says it all. Apparently, this photo of Alfonso Ribeiro was snapped while he was watching the Giants beat the Cowboys last week. And if the fact that this is Carlton means nothing to you, at least the Cowboys losing should.

So give us your captions, and rec' any that make you smile. Last week's thread got a great turnout, and it took a heroic effort from James Brady to take home the most rec's at 14.