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Golden Nuggets: Still Expect Ben Roethlisberger To Play

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Ahhh, the Golden Nuggets feel normal again, seeing as how I, Ninjames, am apologizing once again for missing the post yesterday. My internet was just pretty terrible last night and it was too much fuss getting it going. But we're back with more Nuggets for the day, and a full edition, I might add. I've been pretty adamant about my stance on Ben Roethlisberger ... not about the fact that I think he's a colossal tool, but the fact that I expect him to play on Monday Night Football. It's been odd to see so many doubting his status, but I'm sticking to my guns, in saying that if I were the Pittsburgh Steelers, I'd be lying about his status as much as possible. Onto the links.

Linebacker Ahmad Brooks didn't give up a reception, forced an incompletion and had two tackles for loss against the Arizona Cardinals. Naturally, he's gone down this week in the Madden NFL 12 roster update. Other players get deserved decreases, but that one seriously chaps my ass something fierce. (SB Nation Bay Area)

Sam Lam asks how much would the 49ers gameplan change if Ben Roethlisberger can't play on Monday. Well, for one, they'd just have one of the offensive linemen mimic Charlie Batch for the scout team - the guy is old and slow. Seriously, why in the heck would they start Batch instead of Dennis Dixon, a guy I think has a lot of talent? Hell, he could probably start on some teams. (

Patrick Willis and Joe Staley both missed another day of practice on Friday. I really hope that the former is back in action, and while I do quite like Staley, I wouldn't mind seeing more Alex Boone, considering he was one of the only players to do remotely well on Sunday. (

If you hadn't heard, the NFL upheld James Harrison's suspension, as suspected. Personally, I feel he should have been suspended for the remainder of the season. I'll have more on that later. (SB Nation Bay Area)

Frank Gore suggested that he only got ten carries in Sunday's game against the Arizona Cardinals because of the gameplan, not his health. I believe him 100% on this one, even if the announcing crew said he didn't look right. Sorry, but 10 carries and 70+ yards most definitely looks right for Gore, save for the fact that he should have got the ball more. I put that game on small mistakes and the coaching staff. (

I do like that tight end Delanie Walker has molded himself into a capable blocker - especially when lined up behind the line of scrimmage given the time to pick up speed - but I do dislike that he's not used as much in the passing game. We can find blockers, we can't find tight ends with the speed and ability of Walker, especially as a backup. Not sure what's up with him lately. (

Larry Grant plans to appeal the $15,000 fine handed down, and he should be successful, if the folks in the league office have any brains. Which, of course, means it will be upheld. (

Here's some good questions from Lam with linebacker Tavares Gooden, who is familiar with the Steelers. Gooden described the Steelers/Ravens rivalry as "11 angry players just running after the ball," which I think is an apt description and a great quote. Also talks about how the 49ers want to be that way. I think they're pretty close to that point, personally. At least on defense. (

I agree that some of the fault for the sacks on Alex Smith are his own, but I do feel that he's gotten a lot better in staying in the pocket and delivering the football. The problem is that he continues to lock onto receivers, giving the defense a nice blindside opportunity on just about every single play. (

The Harbaugh interviews: Marshall Faulk (

The Steelers have a counter to the Harbaugh brothers (

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