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Fantasy Football Week 15 Sit/Start Advice: 49ers To Get You To The Title Game

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Week 15 of the NFL season kicked off on Thursday and picks up again tonight with the first Saturday NFL game of the season. I had completely forgot that Dallas and Tampa Bay were squaring off tonight at 5:20pm on the NFL Network. I do love me some random Saturday Night Football. NFL RULES!

Week 15 is particularly important for fantasy football owners because the playoffs are in full swing. If you are still alive in your playoffs, you are either in your second round game leading up to the Week 16 finals, or you are in a first round game in your four-team playoff (like me). If you have Adrian Peterson on your roster, he actually said yesterday that even though his ankle is only at about 85%, he was going to play this week for a few reasons: 1) help his teammates, 2) meet some personal statistical goals, 3) for his fantasy football owners. You gotta love that!

The 49ers host Pittsburgh this weekend in what could potentially end up being a defensive struggle. It is not the ideal fantasy option for most players involved. Mike Wallace and Antonio Brown face big question marks with a gimpy Ben Roethlisberger, but are likely starts. Of course, as a 49ers fan it can be difficult starting opponents' players. I have Rashard Mendenhall in my playoff game but given the 49ers rush defense I feel justified benching him.

On the 49ers side of things, it sounds like Frank Gore is set to start. He is not on the injury report, but given how the 49ers used him last week, who really knows what kind of carries he will get. Of course, given that he is Frank Gore, you still have to start him. Should make for a wild Monday.

The 49ers as a whole have become a tough fantasy option. Michael Crabtree remains a decent start, but beyond him Gore, the 49ers defense and David Akers, they really have very few options. Vernon Davis' role in the offense changes his value tremendously. Kyle Williams has plenty of upside, but he also was shut down when they faced the dominant Baltimore Ravens defense. Does anybody it in them to start Kyle Williams, or really many of the 49ers in fantasy football?