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49ers Vs. Steelers: Cue Steve Sabol

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On Friday, Wes Hanson put together a break down of whether or not the 49ers and Steelers could be considered to have a rivalry in light of their combined Super Bowl victories. It remains an intriguing "rivalry" of sorts for fans, but it is not quite a traditional rivalry.

In the post, user t p put together a fun comment breaking down the matchup NFL Films-style. I contacted him about posting it and he sent me a slightly revised version. I thought that with the game less than 24 hours away, it was fitting to post. Head after the jump to enjoy his NFL Films-style breakdown of the Monday Night battle. I also embedded some video with NFL Films music. It seemed fitting. Thanks to t p for some great work.

Steelers. 49ers.

Two adversaries who fight, not for Sunday scrimmages, but for Super Bowl supremacy.

Like a dense fog that lay over a freshly torn battlefield, the legends of Candlestick Park loom and lord. Rice. Montana. Walsh. The 49er franchise proudly boasts 5 super bowl victories, but no appearances since 1994. Can the young forty niner squad see through the fog and rise to the great Mount Olympus on the bay?

Meanwhile, a galloping force storms from the Allegheny plateau, dropping the hammer of John Henry on any who attempt to pass. Their Super Bowl machine churning out victory after victory. And with their 6th Super Bowl crown coming just 3 years ago, these steely men are masters of the day.

Like a good boxing match, this round will see it's fair share of haymakers. Heavyweight defenses with styles of their own. Dick Lebeau crafts his defense like a dancing Muhammad Ali, who looks to hit you with surprise punches. Woodley, Farrior, and Timmons attacking like thunderous jabs, setting up the knockout punch from Polamalu.

And the Niner defense, like Joe Frazier. Intensely forcing it's will with incessant pressure up front. Vic's men are trained to be stingy. Linemen, linebackers, and the secondary coming in waves with only one goal...ripping for the football like it was the gold on a heavyweight belt. Miners of their destiny, will this Niner defense thicken the fog and swallow the Pittsburgh offense?

Two 10-3 teams scrimmage for 2012, but battle for the ages.

Steelers. 49ers. Are you ready for some football?