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49ers Front Office Personnel On GM Short Lists?

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The 49ers run of success in 2011 has led to some discussion as to whether members of the 49ers coaching staff could find themselves interviewing for more prominent positions in the NFL or even in college football. The more success the team has, the more attractive candidates become.

This also applies to the 49ers front office, and arguably more so this first year. The coaching staff gets plenty of credit, but the front office had arguably the best offseason of anybody in the NFL. The team did not hit on every free agent and draft pick, but they've hit on a lot more than they missed.

Given that, it should be no surprise that members of the front office are starting to get noticed a bit more frequently. Most recently, Tom Gamble, the team's director of player personnel, was included in Albert Breer's breakdown of possible future general managers. The 2011 NFL season is wrapping up and teams will be on the hunt for new GMs and front offices staffs in the coming weeks. Breer had this to say about Gamble:

This season in San Francisco has caused a lot of folks to re-evaluate how the 49ers were built. Scot McCloughan, having already been a GM, doesn't qualify for this list, but he might get another look as a GM (maybe in Oakland), and Gamble's is another name sure to come up, with his experience in pro and college scouting, contract negotiations and coaching.

It is really interesting to see Scot McCloughan's name pop up. He left under mysterious circumstances in 2010 not too long before the draft. Trent Baalke took over his job and received the official title after the 2010 season. Once the season wraps up and I have some more time, I'd like to break down the roster and see who was in charge when the various players were joining the team.