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49ers Vs. Steelers: Second Quarter Thread

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After a power outage delayed the start of Monday Night Football by half an hour, the game finally got going at approximately 6:00pm. The Steelers looked like they were ready to get on the board early as Mike Wallace caught a quick slant from Ben Roethlisberger and took it inside the 49ers 25. Thankfully Carlos Rogers made an end zone pick. The 49ers moved the ball quite well before stalling inside the ten yard line and settling for a field goal.

The 49ers wrapped up the first quarter with another interception, this time by Dashon Goldson. They got in one play before the end of the first quarter and are already inside Steelers territory with a 2nd and 1 after Michael Crabtree caught a nine-yard reception. There's a lot of football left, so it is time to punch this one home. It's touchdown time.