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49ers Vs. Steelers: Third Quarter Thread

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Well this has been a bit of a [site decorum] show on several levels. The 49ers red zone offense and really inside enemy territory offense continues to struggle. The 49ers go into the half with a 6-0 lead thanks to some poor clock management by the Steelers late in the half. They got into the red zone in the first quarter and died out inside the Steelers 10. They got back into Steelers territory but crapped out shot of the red zone. David Akers booted a pair of field goals to pass Jerry Rice on the 49ers single season scoring list. Congratulations to Akers for the record, but it would be nice if he was kicking more extra points than field goals.

This doesn't even begin to describe the frustrations and comical nature of the two power outages. Odds have to be high for a third outage, although maybe SF got their crap together and solved whatever the problem was. I'm not holding my breath, but fingers crossed. Let's hope this game can go fairly smoothly in the second half. And maybe the 49ers can even get a touchdown in the second half. Again, fingers crossed