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49ers Vs. Steelers: Harbaugh Family Rules!

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Harbaugh Family Steelers
Harbaugh Family Steelers

We'll have plenty to discuss in the coming days of a huge 49ers victory, but as we close out the night, I wanted to post this picture MichaelClutchtree posted in the recap thread. I was traveling up to Washington prior to the game and watched the game in a bar in Sea-Tack Airport. I'm actually going to Saturday's 49ers-Seahawks game. I was up here last year for the season opener, so let's hope I get a little bit of redemption this time around.

There is plenty of good and even some stuff to improve on, but all that matters for now is the 49ers win and improve to 11-3. The team has plenty of work ahead of them the final two weeks. Although the Rams game is not exactly the toughest game in the world (of course, tell Green Bay and Tennessee games aren't too difficult), this coming week against the Seahawks will be a huge game. The Seahawks playoff chances remain alive and the 49ers need to keep on winning to secure the number two seed in the NFC. The 49ers can win on the road, but playing at home would be so huge.