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Caption This: Context Is Everything

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While I will admit that it seems only appropriate to devote today's Caption This to some member of the Philadelphia Eagles, I've been attached to this photo of Drew Brees since I saw it earlier in the week. There will always be time for Vince Young and Andy Reid. This photo, though, requires our immediate attention.

The name of the game is context. There are so many things about this photo that don't fit in the football context. The peaceful look on both of their faces. The tender embrace. The guy patting Drew Brees's head. And did I mention the peaceful look on both of their faces?

I like to pretend that this photo is taking place in different contexts. These are two long-lost brothers, reunited on the football field after years apart. They didn't even know that they both played football until this very game. They make Oscar winners that end that way.

That's the one I'm sticking with.

The rest of you have fun. Give us your captions and rec' the ones you like. Last week's rec' winner was InTimmyWeTrust. Will it be you this time?