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Braylon Edwards Update: 49ers WR Sits Out Friday Practice

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After some discussion late last week about whether Braylon Edwards might sit to get healthy, it looks like that is in fact happening. Edwards sat out a third straight day of practice and it seems like he is going to be inactive this Sunday against the St. Louis Rams. Given his numerous shoulder and knee ailments, it makes sense to just get him right over the next week or two and ready for the playoffs. The NFL also posted part of the 49ers injury report and Edwards is listed as doubtful.

The question now is who gets the start in his place and if anybody other than Michael Crabtree or Vernon Davis sees any sort of significant targets on Sunday. In the 49ers weekly game release, Kyle Williams is listed as Michael Crabtree's backup and Ted Ginn Jr. is listed as the backup to Braylon Edwards. The 49ers seem comfortable moving around players to different spots on the field, but I suspect Ginn gets the start over Williams.

The 49ers will mix in three receivers enough that Williams should be able to get some action on the field, but it remains to be seen how many targets Ginn or Williams will get in this game. This is an intriguing test-case of sorts with Edwards potentially sidelined. If the 49ers have a chance once again to experiment a bit with the offense and see what they can come up with to keep an opponent on their toes.

Any predictions on what kind of numbers you think the receivers will net on Sunday?