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Aldon Smith: 99 Problems For Quarterbacks

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What is there left to say? 49ers rookie defensive end/outside linebacker Aldon Smith was an absolute monster on Monday Night Football grabbing 2.5 sacks and forcing a Ben Roethlisberger fumble, keying a dominant 49ers defensive effort. Congratulations are in order for Smith as he set the 49ers single season rookie record for sacks. He now has 13 sacks on the season, and with two games left Smith is in a position to pad that record.

With Roethlisberger hobbled by a bum ankle, it was really not surprising that Aldon Smith padded the stat sheet. Over the course of the season, Aldon has shown just about every tool of the pass rushing trade. He has used speed to get around linemen, a powerful bull rush to run over linemen that outweight him by 60 pounds, and he has used his brains in properly executing stunts to find holes.

Big Ben had little chance with such a dynamic pass rushing threat coming at him. I did not feel bad for Big Ben, but I did find the Steelers decision to keep him out there fairly stupid given the pressure the 49ers were getting late with the lead. My favorite sack was when Smith bull-rushed Max Starks, and then pulled down Roethlisberger with relative ease from behind, in spite of the Steelers QB's significant size.

Aldon Smith is not on the Pro Bowl ballot due to some technicalities, but he is squarely in the running for Defensive Rookie of the Year. Von Miller is a very worthy candidate, but if the 49ers can run the table the rest of the season, the momentum could be enough to get Aldon the DROY award. In the meantime, you can vote for him for the Week 15 Pepsi Rookie of the Week. You can vote early and often, so make it happen.

Also, some folks have been throwing out 99 Problems as a possible nickname for Aldon Smith. After the jump I've posted a couple versions of Jay Z's 99 Problems. The first is a remix of it by some guy named Hugo sent to me by tanos135. The second video is Jay Z's version. Either way, that and The Condor both work well.

Both are NSFW language