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49ers Coaching Staff: University of Pittsburgh Reportedly Interested In Jim Tomsula

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Late last night, Kevin Lynch dropped some fairly big news. According to Lynch, the University of Pittsburgh is interested in 49ers defensive line coach Jim Tomsula. The report is not sure if he has already interviewed for the job or will interview for the job shortly.

This would be a tough loss, but Jim Tomsula is most definitely deserving of such an opportunity. Although he has spent his time in San Francisco as the defensive line coach, he gained extensive coaching experience in NFL Europe. He was head coach of the Rhein Fire, defensive coordinator of the Berlin Thunder and defensive line coach for the Scottish Claymores. What is more interesting is that he did a lot of mentoring and teaching work in the NFLE National Player Development program. That would seem to be right up the wheelhouse of a college coach.

Tomsula brings incredible enthusiasm to his job and that would suit him well as a college head coach. The recruiting battle requires a certain level of enthusiasm and I think Tomsula brings that in spades. That does not guarantee success as a college coach, but I have to think it would help him.

It would suck to lose Coach Tomsula because he might be the most popular coach on the team. Nonetheless, that is arguably the "downside" of having great coaches.