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Candlestick Invaded By Black And Yellow, But It Was 49ers Fans Who Rocked The Stick

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There were a lot of fans wearing the yellow and gold on Monday Night Football at Candlestick Park, there's really no debate on that. And, as Pittsburgh Steelers fans are in and out of the stadium, they were most definitely loud. But one thing that the San Francisco 49ers fans did well this game that they didn't do against, say, the Dallas Cowboys was simple: they cheered.

Though the occasional "Here we go Steelers," chant rose up in the various sections, the 49ers fans didn't relent. Against the Cowboys, even though 49ers fans still outnumbered the Dallas fans, they simply sat back and watched their hated rivals have their way with the stadium. It was sickening. I fully expected the "red-out" to fail for San Francisco and there to be plenty of Dallas fans there, but when the 49ers fans are out-cheered, that's when it's unacceptable.

Keep in mind the fact that Dallas,and Pittsburgh were very good in the recent past, and their fans have scattered across the country. California is full of Dallas, Pittsburgh, Green Bay and, of course, 49ers fans. That's just how it is. There are Dallas and Pittsburgh fans at The Stick even when there's not a game involving either teams. Personally, I hear 49ers fans cheer all the time at away games - and that's because the 49ers were so good for a period of time. They were a dynasty, and have fans all over the country.

Before the game I saw people tweeting that it was shameful that there were a lot of Pittsburgh fans there. Number one, why the hell didn't those people buy a ticket? Number two, there's nothing shameful about it. Sure, the Pittsburgh fans were loud, but the 49ers fans were louder, and that's what counts. Those "terrible towels"aren't going to make San Francisco jump offsides, and that's what is important. They were less distracting than our own fans doing the wave while the 49ers were on offense a couple weeks ago, as a matter of fact. I'm sure, by the time this goes up, there will be plenty of people writing about how many Pittsburgh fans there were - and that's just because it looks good in print, to be honest. It draws a lot of discussion. There were, in fact, a lot of Pittsburgh fans there. But ya'll should have expected that.

So kudos to all of you at Candlestick, and all of you who were loud and obnoxious in the bar. You did the 49ers proud on Monday Night. And also, no kudos for the 49ers organization for handing out the red foam sticks. They were useless.