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49ers Vs. Steelers: Honey Badger Invades The Victory Speech

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The 49ers released some video from their post-game locker room celebration following last night's win over the Pittsburgh Steelers and it is once again some entertaining stuff. You can view the entire speech over at It is safe to say Jim Harbaugh is a much happier individual following wins as opposed to losses. We have not seen video of the 49ers locker room after a loss, but when he deals with the media after a loss, he is particularly snippy. Can't blame him for that.

I do find it pretty awesome that even Jim Harbaugh knows about the beastly honey badger. Because Honey Badger don't give a [site decorum]. Honey badger don't care about no lights.

On a side note, just before posting this I came across some video of last night's MNF intro featuring Joe Montana. I have embedded it after the jump. It's 49 seconds (fitting!), so a quick watch.