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Golden Nuggets: Cheering On The 49ers Is Bad For Your Throat

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When I woke up yesterday, my throat was itchy and my voice was hoarse. I wasn't able to talk very well, and I couldn't be happier about it. Every time I go to Candlestick Park I yell and cheer louder than everyone else around me, and I always make sure that the opposing fans around me know that I plan on being as obnoxious as possible without physically inhibiting their ability to watch the game. That's how it should be. Anyway, I'm sure there's plenty of links to get to, so let's just jump right in, yeah?

It would have been nice for the 49ers to get receiver Doug Baldwin, but I personally have jumped on the Kyle Williams bandwagon, and I don't think he would have gotten a chance to shine this season if we had Baldwin. I'm mostly just irked about the wasted draft choice of Ronald Johnson. (

With a short week, it's quickly time to look ahead to the Seattle Seahawks. We all know that the 49ers absolutely need to keep their feet on the gas. They've got the No. 2 seed for the time being and I don't expect the New Orleans Saints to lose and make it any easier on them. Hell, the team even has a shot to get the No. 1 seed from the Green Bay Packers, hilariously enough. (SB Nation Bay Area)

Braylon Edwards missed time based on his performances on the field, not because he was injured. I've been saying that he should be benched for awhile now - the guy is a liability on the football field. There's just no way around it. Barring some huge playoff performances, the 49ers don't need to bother re-signing him. (

Perhaps the biggest thing to take away from Monday's game was the fact that the 49ers found some red zone success. And also that all of the cheerleaders remained safe during the blackout with Ben Roethlisberger roaming the field. (

Aldon Smith is certainly making his case for defensive rookie of the year. I feel like Von Miller will get it, even if Aldon finishes with better stats - that's just how the NFL seems to work these days. Oh well. (

The fact that Lowell begins this piece calling it a fight is exactly the reason why I don't read his writing (beyond the first couple sentences), but I will link it, regardless. He thinks everything is a fight, and he's the champion against the evils of the coaches and the front office. I really get it. I understand why he does it. But it's not a fight, and referring to it as one is just silly. Anyway, there it is. (

And though Grant does have a tendency to sway in the direction of his father, he's far less jaded and - look at this - he's actually making a point in his piece. I fully agree with him that Alex Smith doesn't deserve to be a Pro Bowler, based on what he says. Fortunately, he's not calling it a fight at any point. (

It looks like Patrick Willis could be good to go on Saturday. I say sit him and let him rest for longer. That's pretty much it. (

On the Phone with Carroll and Baldwin (

Aldon Smith shows cobra-like striking ability (

Candlestick blackout takes focus away from win (

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