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Braylon Edwards Helping Kids Go To College

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ESPN ran a great feature prior to Monday Night Football focusing in on something pretty amazing that Braylon Edwards did for high school students in Cleveland. As a rookie with the Browns, Braylon made a promise to 100 high school students that he would provide them each with $10,000 if they made it through high school with a 2.5 GPA and completed 15 hours of community service. 79 students reached that goal, which means Braylon gave out $790,000 to these kids.

We spend so much time focused on how players perform on the field and we are quick to criticize them when they have personal failings. However, it is nice to be able to recognize Braylon for what is a pretty impressive contribution to society. After the jump you can view the video they showed on Monday Night Countdown before the game.

The feature was conducted by Rick Reilly who asked Edwards about his own personal failings and the idea that he could hold these kids to a certain standard he sometimes did not meet. Edwards admitted he has not been perfect and that he has been up front with the kids whenever something has gone down in his life.

Whatever you feel compelled to say about Edwards on game day, it is good to know that he is doing his best to help people off the field. There is something to be said for being able to root for "good guys." Braylon Edwards has not led a perfect life, and none of us has, but something like this shows a man's character.