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NCAA College Football Bowl Games Thread: Boise State Vs. Arizona State

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Fooch's Note: If you want to discuss Kellen Moore and the Las Vegas Bowl, stay here. If you want to discuss TNF, we've got a Texans-Colts thread.

The first few bowl games are always pretty much duds - and unless you attend those particular schools, or are a pro scout, there typically is not much interest in those games. But we are now getting in to the thick of things and the more prestigious games are going to begin flying our way left and right.

With that said (and I know I have brought this up a lot), I feel like some sort of playoffs system gives NCAA Football quite a few more fans. Some folks here will watch to semi-scout some of the talent entering the draft and others will watch out of sheer boredom and nothing else being on TV. I honestly think that an 8-12 team playoff system (with the larger bowl games still in tact) would be a huge justice to the sport.

Tonight's matchup is going to have some pretty good pro level talent. There will be a couple of players that will no doubt have success in the NFL. Others, time will tell.



Channel: ESPN,

Location: Las Vegas, Nevada

Time: 5pm PST, 8pm PST

Key players for the Broncos:

Kellen Moore (Senior - Quarterback) Jersey No. 11

Doug Martin (Senior - Running Back) Jersey No. 22

Tyler Shoemaker (Senior - Wide Receiver) Jersey No. 89

Nate Potter (Senior - Offensive Tackle) Jersey No. 73

Billy Winn (Senior - Defensive End) Jersey No. 90


Key players for the Sun Devils:

Brock Osweiler (Junior - Quarterback) Jersey No. 17

Cameron Marshall (Junior - Running Back) Jersey No. 6

Gerrell Robinson (Senior - Wide Receiver) Jersey No. 8

Aaron Pflugrad (Senior - Wide Receiver) Jersey No. 4

Mike Willie (Senior - Wide Receiver) Jersey No. 1

Vontaze Burfict (Senior - Linebacker) Jersey No. 7

Eddie Elder (Senior - Safety)



At one point in the year, Arizona State was ranked and was on pace to do big things ... but somewhere in the middle of the season. They lost a very close game to Illinois early on (17 - 14) but thereafter went on a 3-game win streak. Then there was Oregon. It was at that point that the Sun Devils confidence was shot. They bounced back and beat Colorado, who had problems of their own all year and after that, it was all down hill. The result: Dennis Erickson was finally canned. This will be his last game with the team. Be on the lookout for all three of ASU's wide receivers (two of which Robinson and Willie stand at 6'4").

Boise State on the other hand has done well all year (with exception to the loss to TCU). Kellen Moore has been nearly flawless, as he has done throughout most of his collegiate career. The offense is pretty close to being unstoppable. They have a bunch of receivers that fly under the radar and can quietly kill the opposition.

Both teams have an exceptional ground game. The Sun Devils have Cameron Marshall, and the Broncos have Doug Martin, who at times resembles the great Emmitt Smith.

Both defenses will be tested and whichever can put the most pressure on the opposing quarterback is most likely to come out victorious. I think that Arizona does have the tools for an upset, but the Broncos are the clear favorite in this one.