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Niners Nation Turns 5

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Today is a big day for Niners Nation. As of this posting the site will be five years old. Five years ago today we welcomed the world to our little corner of the Internet with a brief welcome post. You can view every old post in the site's archives, but if you want to see what the site actually looked like way back in the day, check out the version of the site. I've also posted a screen shot after the jump.

It's been an insane five years of 49ers football. Just when it seemed like things wouldn't change, Coach Harbaugh arrived and the franchise is in the midst of a total rebirth. The team is winning again and the franchise is closing in on a new football stadium. Things have changed drastically since NN first got started.

Although the site is far from perfect, I think we can follow the Coach Harbaugh mantra of improve a little bit every day. It's a process, but thankfully I enjoy the 49ers enough that is worth it. We're always on the lookout for ways to improve the site and new ideas for content, so feel free to post any thoughts on ideas you might have for the site.