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Thursday Night Football Open Thread

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Fooch's Note: If you want to discuss the Las Vegas Bowl, featuring Boise State and Arizona State, head over to our Las Vegas Bowl thread.

Week 16 gets underway with the Indianapolis Colts hosting the Houston Texans on Thursday Night Football. T.J. Yates! Dan Orlovsky! It's the NFL on NFL Network!

The Colts managed to grab their first win of the season last week with an upset of the Tennessee Titans. It is nice for them to avoid the 0-16 mark, but a win over Houston would put them in a position to potentially lose that number one overall pick.

The Houston Texans wrapped up their first ever playoff berth, but now they find themselves trying to get into position for a first round bye. They are currently situated as the third seed in the AFC, with the Patriots at number one and the Ravens at number two. The Texans have had to deal with a variety of injuries, including a season-ender for QB Matt Schaub and another hamstring injury for Andre Johnson.

The NFL primetime schedule has generally not been particularly good. Falcons-Saints could be a fun Monday Night Football contest and the Bears don't generally roll over against Green Bay. In the meantime though, we get Texans-Colts. Yay football.