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Caption This: Drew Brees and a (Noun)

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Your Caption Here!
Your Caption Here!

Welcome back to another week at Caption This, the fat-free Niners Nation segment that gives you the chance to put your own signature flair to the caption of whatever photo I choose. This week, I chose our photo because of the way it makes me think of Mad Libs, as per the headline. The fact of the photo is straightforward enough, though: Drew Brees, apparently deeply apologetic, shakes the hand of Ragnar, destroyer of things, son of Olaff, after systematically dismantling the football team of his people.

But the whole thing just makes me think of what else Drew Brees might apologetically shake the hand of. This year alone, he would have apologetically shaken the hands of no fewer than three wildcats. He would have found a pirate somewhere and said, "Sorry, man." And don't get me started on his long journey through mountain passes to find the world's last remaining giants. That was just excessive.

He seems like such a nice, young man.

As a side note, the guy who plays Ragnar is apparently the current world record holder for speed-shaving with an axe. Or he was, until Drew Brees apologetically smashed his record. And just look at how smooth those cheeks are.

Use the comments section to provide your captions, and give a rec' to any that make you laugh. Last week, Pat Willie got the most rec's. Don't be too apologetic when you take his crown.