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Golden Nuggets: Wherein Alex Smith Is A Super Hero

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Sometimes I wonder if Alex Smith thinks his wide receivers are some kind of superhuman beings who can jump 100 feet in the air and go all Mr. Fantastic to stretch their feet to toe-tap in bounds. It's true that Smith had a good game on Monday against the Steelers, but with him, I'm never able to come away from the game thinking about anything other than his mistakes, because they're so glaring. The most prominent of his mistakes, in my opinion, are these: his inability to go one game without having at least two passes batted down at the line of scrimmage and his inability to hit a receiver deep down the sidelines. It's not that he overthrows in the latter situation - it's that he overthrows badly. The passes just recently came down somewhere around AT&T Park late last night.

I have been pretty loud about my admonishments of Dashon Goldson and the bad mixed in with the good this season, but I adamantly disagree with Grant Cohn when he suggests that Goldson is the weakest link in the San Francisco defense. Assuming we're talking about starters, it easily has to be Tarell Brown at this point, who can make a good stop here or there, but misses tackles and blows coverage about as often as Goldson, without the added bonus of picking off a pass or two. (

Eight players jumped up in rating in this week's Madden NFL 12 roster update, including Aldon Smith, once again. Smith now has the same rating as Denver's Von Miller, though after simming through five seasons, Miller is at a 99 while Aldon is at a 95. It's a conspiracy, I tell you! (SB Nation Bay Area)

The question is asked once again: Is Alex Smith a Pro Bowl quarterback? The short answer: no. The long answer: no, because there's players who have played better than him and there are a finite number of spots available on the Pro Bowl roster. (

Patrick Willis shouldn't play, and I really don't care what the weather looks like on Saturday. Sure, if it's worse, then that's an even bigger reason he shouldn't play, but I don't want him in there regardless. Give Larry Grant some more time to look like a badass. (

This piece gets linked due to the golden line about Marshawn Lynch - wherein he's noted as being in CONTRACT BEAST MODE! (

This is an awesome thing to note, regarding the musical choice during the 49ers-Steelers game. And despite the fact that the song is idiotically catchy despite being inherently terrible, I'm glad San Francisco decided to get in Pittsburgh's head with it. Yes, that is me saying I fully believe that's why it was played. There's no coincidence here. (

It looks like wide receiver Braylon Edwards will get another chance to shine on Saturday, what with Ted Ginn Jr. on the injury report. During the Monday Night Football game, I told my brother that the 49ers group of receivers will never be top-shelf so long as Ginn is part of the starting rotation. If that's the guy that's keeping Edwards out, forgive me if I'm not confident in his ability to stun the 49ers into wanting to re-sign him this offseason. (

Imagine that, PG&E is still clueless. I've been telling them as much since I've been paying bills. (

49ers working through the short week in preparation for the Seahawks (

Record watch: Lee, Akers, Aldon threatening all-time NFL marks (

Tight end Davis tries to boost Edwards' spirits, via Twitter (

Drive to block 49ers' move (

Nice Guys Finish First (

Five Questions with Braylon Edwards (

Being a Sheep

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