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Fantasy Football Week 16 Sit/Start Advice: 49ers FTW?

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As the 49ers get ready for their Week 16 showdown with the Seattle Seahawks, many of you are likely involved in your own monster matchups. Week 16 of the NFL season is the time when fantasy football leagues usually decide their champion. I find myself stuck in a third place game in one league, but I suppose that is better than nothing. How many folks are playing for all the fantasy marbles this weekend?

Frank Gore, David Akers and the 49ers defense remain the usual solid start options this week. Beyond that it is a bit touch and go. We saw Vernon Davis have a strong game last week against the Steelers, but he has not been targeted on a particularly consistent basis. That is not to say he won't this week against Seattle, but you have to be wary given how his season has gone thus far.

Kyle Williams a moderately interesting option as a flex. Michael Crabtree is the most prominent fantasy receiver on the 49ers, but if you are desperate for somebody, Williams seems to be getting more and more looks. Add in the fact that Alex Smith has gone to him on big third down conversions and that could bode well for future growth.