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Michael Crabtree Fined $10,000 For Gold Cleats

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Every week the NFL hands out a variety of fines for everything from illegal hits to uniform violations. The fine information is tweeted out by a variety of sources and trickles out by the end of the week. For 49ers fans, the team received a pair of uniform fines. Donte Whitner was fined $5,000 for wearing long black socks. I'm not sure if Whitner was making a statement or what exactly, but it is gonna cost him.

Michael Crabtree received a fine of $10,000 for his own uniform violation. Crabtree was fined for wearing a pair gold-colored cleats. The 49ers and Crabtree tweeted out some pictures of the game action and you can check them out after the jump.

The league has its uniform rules and so fines are to be expected. Like any job with a uniform, people are expected to look similar. Personally, I think the league needs to encourage individual pieces of flair. Gold shoes would definitely qualify as a heck of a piece of flair.


courtesy @taylorprice49, @49ers


courtesy @kingcrab15