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Golden Nuggets: Wherein You Celebrate Whatever You Want, Unless It Doesn't Involve The 49ers Winning

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And just like that, our San Francisco 49ers are about to play. What the hell? This week went by so fast, probably because it was of the shortened variety, but I still feel like I've written so little on the subject of another game. Either way, I hope all of your holidays are going swimmingly, whether you celebrate Christmas, Hanukkah or, perhaps The Yule. Me personally, I go to sleep dreaming of the eight-legged Sleipner on my roof. Not to bring me presents or anything of that sort, but I always used to think he was way cooler than reindeer. Either way, light your candles, decorate your tree, drink to Odin or any of the other Old Kings and lets get a good 49ers win over those stinkin' Seahawks today, yeah?

I truly believe the Marshawn Lynch that the 49ers will face today is the biggest test against the run defense. He's looking much better than the guy the 49ers held to 33 yards in Week One, but maybe that's just because San Francisco is awesome, yeah? (SB Nation Bay Area)

Along with a 49ers win today, I'm also rooting for a New Orleans Saints loss. Locking up the No. 2 seed would be great. As a side note, I'm also rooting for a Detroit Lions loss - I've got a grudge against them and their fans since the 49ers game. It'd bring me great joy to see them miss the playoffs. (

I'm also firmly of the opinion that Patrick Willis should sit today. There's no reason to play him, especially given Larry Grant's level of play lately. He especially should sit if it's cold. (SB Nation Bay Area)

The Anthony Davis vs. Chris Clemons matchup is certainly the one I'll be paying the most attention to, especially with the fact that it's in Seattle. I want to see how he holds up, because I'm really getting sick of the poor tackle play. That being said, Davis has strung together a couple of good outings. (

Scot McCloughan said that the Seahawks are going to beat the hell out of the 49ers. I think Grant is overreacting here, but ya know. (

Of course, he then said that he was being light-hearted and joking about the whole thing. All I know is this guys talkin' all kinds of ish I ain't tryin' to hear and all I'm getting is "gobble gobble gobble" because he's a jive-ass turkey. Just saying. (

Dominant D makes 49ers dangerous (

Playoff implications plenty when Seattle hosts SF (

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Niners may be missing a special weapon vs. Hawks (

Mayor, PG&E vow blackouts will cease (

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Being a Sheep

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