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Week 16 NFL Schedule Morning Thread

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Fooch abandoned all of you, so you've got me providing you with your non-49ers game thread for the morning. What does that mean? It means your discussion of Week 16 games will be decidedly sexier than your discussion of Week 15 games, and also pants are optional when I'm at the helm. So go right ahead and proceed with the pants-off dance-off, and let's take a look at what we've got for the morning.

I guess the biggest game is probably the New York Giants up against the New York Jets. There was a commercial on ESPN America yesterday (courteous provider of my San Jose Sharks stream, I'll leave it up to you to determine whether or not I was supposed to be watching it on there) in which they noted how the Jets were going to "welcome" the Giants to the New Meadowlands stadium. That's the kind of hard-hitting reporting you get with ESPN America (or ESPN in general, I suppose).

We've got Tim Tebow time as the Broncos take on the Bills, who have transformed from early success story into intense disappointment. Speaking of intense disappointment, the Oakland Raiders are also in action, taking on the rival Chiefs, which should actually be entertaining as Oakland is fighting for their playoff lives. Tom Brady is getting ready to annihilate [insert team here], while we've got some divisional rivals in action as the Rams take on the Steelers (perhaps they'll do as well as the 49ers did ... no?) and the Cardinals take on the Bengals.

We'll have a thread shortly before the 49ers-Seahawks game. Until then, enjoy the pant-less festivities.