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49ers Vs. Seahawks Second Quarter Thread: Everybody Is Hurt, 49ers Trail 7-3

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So [insert practice squad receiver here] started off the game against the 49ers with, of course, a 44-yard reception. So that was fun, you know? I sure am glad that happened. Also, Justin Smith went to the sideline with an injury, and then Tarvaris Jackson sneezed and Doug Baldwin had a 13-yard touchdown reception. Dashon Goldson quietly opened the door to let him in, because, you know, might as well be hospitable.

That's the guy who's going to ask for Top 5 safety money this offseason, mind you.

It's quite alright though, Alex Smith and the elite 49ers offense will save us all. They come up, pick up a couple yards, then Anthony Davis is beat badly by Chris Clemons, and the 49ers call a timeout, as is customary on the opening drive of the game. Fortunately, Clemons lines up in the neutral zone and they gave up a first down. Alright, the offense is moving! But they end up with a third down, which Michael Crabtree converts with a great catch - but the referee gives him a terrible spot, and the 49ers go for it on fourth down. Alex Smith picks up the first, even though the referees give him ANOTHER bad spot.

Fortunately, it looks like the 49ers got things going. Crabtree caught another pass, for a first down. Then Smith goes deep with OH MY GOD IT'S A DECENT PASS TO THE SIDELINES, but it's to Vernon Davis, so of course it's incomplete as the tight end lacks effort and concentration, can't get his feet in bounds. Then Smith hits Crabtree, who bobbles it, and it's incomplete. This just sucks. Oh, and the 49ers missed a field goal.

Ahmad Brooks also is hurt, which sucks. In good news, the 49ers forced a punt on the next Seattle possession. And then started driving on their own. There were some good completions here and there, Kendall Hunter and Gore played well, and they were helped with some penalties, too. And then ... Delanie Walker is kicked in the head and is carted off. He's out for the game. Mike Iupati is limping, too.

49ers take a field goal and wash their hands of that first quarter silliness.