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49ers Vs. Seahawks Third Quarter Thread: Uhhh, So Seattle Leads 10-3

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Marshawn Lynch had around 40 yards in that first quarter, which is certainly not good. The 49ers will need to stop him to stop the Seahawks. In good news, both Justin Smith and Ahmad Brooks returned to the game, but Delanie Walker is officially out. Seattle took over and started to drive, with Lynch leading the way. Eventually, Seattle is called for an offensive pass interference penalty, and then NaVorro Bowman picked up a good sack, and the 49ers defense held them. Then they were called for a running into the kicker penalty, but Seattle declined to re-kick and San Francisco took over at the 5-yard line.

I didn't see the 49ers drive. All I know is that they didn't do anything. So the Seahawks came back out and started driving, making the 49ers defense look absolutely terrible. Tarvaris Jackson looks like a Pro Bowl quarterback against this secondary, man. Lynch has over 70 yards and is threatening to score a touchdown. Then he breaks eighty yards just after the 49ers defense gives up a first down in the red zone that literally every person watching saw coming.

Seattle gets to third and very short, with Lynch looking for the touchdown. After almost two minutes, the league decides that yes, they do want to review the last play in which Lynch was stopped at the one-yard line. You'd think the NFL would be more decisiveness with this kind of thing. The ruling on the field is confirmed, and he's down, surprising nobody. Then the Seahawks screw up on the next play - Jackson has to take the ball outside, while James Harrison of the Steelers watches Carlos Rogers make a form shoulder-to-shoulder tackle (he didn't understand you were allowed to do that, obviously), while it appears Michael Robinson thought the play was called dead from a false start, and the Seahawks settle for a field goal.

Still, that's a 10-3 lead. And the 49ers come back out, and after Kendall Hunter gets his swag on the 49ers set up with some potential for scoring, as Alex Smith unleashes a pass from the depths of hell that hits Davis square in the numbers ... for three yards. Then they end up with a fourth down and nothing comes of it, so Seattle takes over (after the 49ers literally gift them some time on the clock), trying to get another field goal. They don't. Half comes to an end.