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49ers 19, Seahawks 17: San Francisco Has Strong Second Half To Pick Up Win

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The San Francisco 49ers were pushed around and beat up an awful lot. With a 16-10 lead, the 49ers had, of all things, special teams screw things up as Andy Lee had a punt blocked. The Seahawks took over needing very few yards, and Marshawn Lynch took the ball in for a touchdown, giving them the lead. Then, Kyle Williams clearly surrendered himself on the kickoff, but was hit by two players, and the 49ers got a call when Michael Robinson was called for helmet-to-helmet.

You are not allowed to punish a player who has surrendered himself. But what really pissed me off were the Seattle fans chanting and cheering while a player was down with an injury. I've never seen that before. That's absolutely despicable.

Either way, the 49ers came back out, Braylon Edwards was called for a holding penalty and then the 49ers fan the ball for some reason. But then Alex Smith went deep - TO THE SIDELINE EVEN - and hit Michael Crabtree big time, for a circus catch and a first down. But then the 49ers went with two idiotic runs in a row and had a third down. It's another run, and the 49ers elect to kick the field goal. It's good and they took the lead back, but with plenty of time left on the clock.

But Seattle started driving, and at the two-minute warning, they'd got themselves to near mid-field. But the 49ers got good pressure on Tarvaris Jackson, who held the football wrong, and Larry Grant forced the fumble, which San Francisco recovered with a little over a minute remaining. Three runs later, and they're punting with just under a minute to go.

Justin Forsett doesn't get out of bounds on the gain of eight yards or so. And on third down, the pass sails overhead, and the Seahawks have a fourth down. It doesn't happen, the pass is Alex Smith-esque in its propensity to fly out of bounds. The 49ers get the win, and I'll have a lot to say in a second recap a bit later.