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49ers Vs. Seahawks Fourth Quarter Thread: David Akers Gets Record, Makes It 16-10

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Hey cool, after getting just 43 yards in the entire first half, Alex Smith kicked off the third quarter with a 27-yard pass to Michael Crabtree. Then, naturally, the team stalls out, and then the 49ers call a timeout on fourth down. Jim Harbaugh is surrounded by 22 offensive players at that point. The 49ers go for it, Smith makes stuff happen and hits tight end Vernon Davis for a 16-yard gain. Davis actually toe-tapped to come down in-bounds, for the first time in his entire career, I think.

Then it happened again. It's like Harbaugh informed Davis that he's allowed to move his feet. Davis promptly replied "It's so simple! Thanks, coach!" and the two embraced. Then Frank Gore did what Marshawn Lynch couldn't, and the 49ers tied the game 10-10. They then went on to force the Seahawks to punt pretty much instantly, and Kyle Williams had a huge punt return. That set up the 49ers in great position, but the Seattle defense tightened up and the 49ers were called for a false start, which, really, were we not expecting that.

But Alex Smith came back for a big run on third down to pick up the first. A bunch of stuff happened, but really, the only thing to note is that Braylon Edwards committed a dumb penalty and the 49ers had to settle for a field goal. I'm perfectly content with the decision to go for it.

Seattle sucked it up, and they punted, and now the 49ers are driving. Let's see where this goes. Hunter picks up a good first down as the 49ers offensive line shows some great blocking. 49ers set up near the 30 yard line, and Gore picks up a couple. Then Gore doesn't get anything. So they've got a third down and seem hell-bent on getting David Akers another field goal. The offensive line concurs, Smith is pressured big time, he throws it away, and Akers comes out and drills it. 49ers lead 16-10, and Akers has the record for most field goals in a single season.