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Golden Nuggets: Great Day, Have A Happy Holidays, And Go Niners

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Aside from the hurt feelings and general whining in the threads yesterday, it was a great day here at Niners Nation. Of course, I'm saying that only because San Francisco walked away with a win on the road in Seattle, albeit an ugly one. I'm happy with it either way, though. There are plenty of things I wish went differently, but the biggest negative to me is the injuries. The terribly idiotic hit on Kyle Williams and the reckless knee to Delanie Walker - those are things that could and should have been avoided, and they dampen the joy of winning considerably. This is not the time to have the team fall apart. Either way, here's some links, of the quick variety because I'm exhausted. Have a happy holidays, folks. And remember that there's not going to be a ton of posting today at NN. There will be a gamethread later though - you know which one.

49ers defense comes up big late in 19-17 win over Seahawks (

Injuries: 49ers finish game without a return man (

49ers survive in Seattle, sweep chippy Seahawks (

49ers up to test in playoff-type atmosphere (

Ghosts left in the past this Christmas (

Larry Grant channels Justin Smith at game's end (

Merry Christmas Eve: 49ers 19, Seahawks 17 (

Walker returns from hospital, flies home with 49ers (

Resilient 49ers show chops in win over Seahawks (

Week 16 grades: Niners comeback in Seattle, win 19-17 (

Unsexy 49ers continue their drive through an increasingly impressed NFL (

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