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49ers Vs. Seahawks Injury Report: Delanie Walker, Kyle Williams Suffer Injuries

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The 49ers fought their way through a physical game against the Seattle Seahawks and were able to emerge victorious with a 19-17 win. The win did come at a cost however, as Delanie Walker and Kyle Williams were both lost to injury.

Williams suffered a head injury when he took a brutal hit from Michael Robinson on a kick return. Williams brought the kickoff out of the end zone and as he cut to his right, he slipped to the ground. At that point, defenders can touch the down player. Michael Robinson came flying in and absolutely drilled him, with one of his Seahawks teammates drilling Williams from the other side. Although nobody has said he suffered a concussion, after the game Williams reportedly told the media he was not allowed to talk to them, which is protocol following a concussion.

Delanie Walker suffered an injury to his jaw when Leroy Hill inadvertently kicked Walker in the head after a cut block. Walker went to the hospital to have his jaw checked out, but he flew home with the team and there is no further word at this point on his injury. It sounds significant based on Matt Maiocco's report, but we don't see a whole lot of jaw injuries all that frequently.

Coach Harbaugh will meet with the media on Monday at noon pacific. We won't get a whole ton of information then, but it is the next time we'll at least hear some questions about the injuries. For now, I would imagine both players will sit out next Sunday's game against the St. Louis Rams. The 49ers can't take any opponents lightly, but if you are going to get players healthy, there are worse games to choose. Hopefully the Saints will lose on Monday Night Football and make the decision all the easier.