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NFL Playoff Picture: And So It Comes Down To The New Orleans Saints

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The San Francisco 49ers playoff seeding possibilities firmed up this weekend as we await Monday Night Football. The Green Bay Packers defeated the Chicago Bears on Sunday Night Football, clinching the number one overall seed with the victory. The Bears loss also means the Atlanta Falcons clinch a wild card berth no matter the result of their Monday Night Football game.

The results of Sunday answered one question while raising another. The 49ers are awaiting the result of tonight's Saints-Falcons game as both teams have something to play for on ESPN. The Saints are playing for the two seed while also still needing to officially clinch the NFC South division championship.

The Falcons on the other hand, do still have a few things to play for with two games remaining. The Falcons hold the tiebreaker over the Detroit Lions, so the fifth seed is their's for the taking. More importantly, the Falcons remain alive in the battle for the NFC South. They are two back with two to go. If they win their final two games and the Saints lose their final two games, the Falcons would win the division thanks to what would be a better conference tiebreaker.

Thankfully that should mean the Falcons will not be resting anybody, at least for this week. After this week Atlanta can do what they want. For now I'll just keep keep my fingers crossed they can pull the upset.