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Golden Nuggets: Then The Rams Shall Fall!

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Unfortunately, it looks like our 49ers won't be able to sit everyone against the Rams on Sunday. We'll need starters like Justin Smith, Alex Smith, NaVorro Bowman, Carlos Rogers and Donte Whitner in action. If you couldn't guess, those were the core guys I would have sit for sure, along with, probably, Frank Gore and Joe Staley. The Saints slammed the door on the proposition of immediately sitting starters (once the 49ers get up by a good amount, we can witness some Kaepernaction) by abusing the Falcons from start to finish. It wasn't pretty. Let's get to the linkage for the day, chillldren!

Jim Harbaugh remains hopeful that Delanie Walker will be back for playoffs (

These San Francisco 49ers don't flinch in face of adversity (

NFL Blitz Reboot Promises To Be Extremely Disappointing; 49ers And Raiders Rosters Released (SB Nation Bay Area)

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49ers thriving behind newfound resiliency (

Gotta love Lowell Cohn half-praising Trent Baalke by writing himself into the picture as though Baalke actually has an opinion on him. (

Ginn hopes to be full-strength for playoffs (

Jim Harbaugh, Scot McCloughan and bulletin-board material (

Harbaugh says "9 or 10 or 11" Niners should be Pro Bowlers (

WR Joshua Morgan: 'What better place to be than stay here?' (

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