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2012 NFL Pro Bowl Rosters: Justin Smith, Patrick Willis, Joe Staley, Carlos Rogers Lead 49ers Starting Contingent

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The NFL announced the 2012 NFL Pro Bowl rosters today and it should surprise nobody that the 49ers have a strong contingent of players going to Hawaii if the team does not get to the Super Bowl. The 49ers tweeted out the final list of players and it came out as follows:

Starters: Patrick Willis, Justin Smith, Joe Staley, Carlos Rogers

Reserves: Frank Gore, Dashon Goldson, Andy Lee, David Akers

Some quick snubs would include NaVorro Bowman and Aldon Smith. Smith is not surprising because he was not on the fan ballot and thus lost out on 33% of the voting total. Bowman finished fifth in fan voting at inside linebacker and did not get quite enough love from the players and coaches.

It is worth noting that this is not the final Pro Bowl roster. Super Bowl participants are not able to play in the game and there will be plenty of injury withdrawals from the roster. If the 49ers go to the Super Bowl none of these guys will play, but if the Packers get to the Super Bowl, we could see more 49ers make the roster. Let's hope for the former!

The 49ers just sent out a press release with a list of team alternates:

The following players were selected as alternates for the NFC Pro Bowl squad: linebacker NaVorro Bowman, linebacker Ahmad Brooks, special teamer Blake Costanzo, tight end Vernon Davis, return specialist Ted Ginn Jr., center Jonathan Goodwin, guard Mike Iupati, defensive tackleRay McDonald, fullback Bruce Miller and safety Donte Whitner.