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Terrell Owens: So The Chatter Begins....

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I wanted to word the title carefully because the only chatter apparently is coming from TO. Thanks to E-Train for posting these as a FanShot. Terrell Owens tweeted Donte Whitner and Whitner responded:

And so it begins. TO spent 2009 in Buffalo where he was a teammate of Donte Whitner. There was nothing but praise for how he acted in Buffalo, which was noteworthy given that his time in San Francisco, Philadelphia and Dallas all ended with some level of acrimony.

TO spent last season with Cincinnati and was a free agent this offseason when he blew out his knee. He has been rehabbing the knee since undergoing reconstructive surgery in April. Recovery is often around the 8-9 month timeframe, which we fall into this month. Add in the fact that TO has shown an impressive ability in the past to recover, and you could argue he is likely pretty close to healthy at this point.

I still think the 49ers go with Joe Hastings or even Konrad Reuland to replace Delanie Walker for now. The tight end position is quite important to the offense in part because of the numerous ways they use tight ends in their offense. They can use offensive linemen or a fullback in that third tight end role, but it would seem to remove some of their flexibility.

I have to admit that I am modestly intrigued by the idea of adding Terrell Owens. I actually don't see much in the way of locker room concerns. I have to think Baalke and Harbaugh will not put up with any crap from TO and would be prepared to unload him in half a heart-beat. If he is no longer a big play threat or his knee is still bothering him, they could probably figure that out pretty quickly.

The 49ers did not attend TO's workout in late July, but I actually think bringing him in for a workout would be simply doing their due diligence. He is an option and it would be smart to at least kick the tires and see if he can still bring something to the table. If they don't think he can, so be it. If he can though, there's potentially upside there for this offense.