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Golden Nuggets: I Guess Brett Swain Is Our Future

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Thanks to Fooch for covering the Golden Nuggets for me yesterday. Internet is spotty for me at the moment. As such, we've got some quick links today. I'm really glad that Jim Harbaugh noted that they weren't likely to sign an outside receiver (for now), even if it means no Dominique Zeigler. I just don't understand the Terrell Owens talk, none of it makes sense one bit. At all. Not even a little. El zilcho. Onto the quick links for the day.

49ers looking to play Patrick Willis this Sunday if he's healthy enough to play (

49ers may start Swain with Crabtree against Rams (

Ginn, Williams held out of 49ers practice (

Jim Harbaugh and his prediction that the 49ers are going to the Super Bowl (

Aldon Smith: Just Enjoy This Stuff (

T.O.? The reasons you say no (

Fangio on Willis: He looks fine to me right now (

Roman: "What some might label conservative, we look at as opportunity." (

Ginn confident in teammates if he can't play (

Five Questions with Patrick Willis (

Whatever It Takes to Win (

Being a Sheep

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