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49ers Vs. Seahawks: Multiple Fines Handed Out

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The NFL handed out their fines for Week 16 and there were numerous fines from the 49ers-Seahawks game. 49ers offensive lineman Anthony Davis was fined $10,000 for blocking Anthony Hargrove on the back of his legs during a Kendall Hunter 24-yard run. Marshawn Lynch was fined $10,000 for wearing Skittles-themed cleats. I'm guessing his Skittles endorsement deal can cover that fine. Seahawks cornerback Richard Sherman was also fined $15,000 for a horse-collar tackle.

The most notable fine was a $10,000 fine against Seahawks linebacker Adrian Moten for his late hit on Kyle WIlliams. Michael Robinson hit Williams with a helmet-to-helmet blow and received a penalty, but Moten came in late from behind and that drew the fine.

This game was a rough-and-tumble battle from whistle to whistle, with both teams getting into pushing and shoving throughout the game. Aside from the Robinson/Moten hit on Williams it wasn't really a dirty game, and even those plays are hard to specifically claim are "dirty." It was a bad play by them, but I don't see it as intentionally dirty. I know some will disagree.

Although the NFC West has struggled in recent years, there have been a variety of heated battles between teams within the division. This past Saturday was one of the more physical of those games. The Seahawks have played some solid football over the last two months but came up short in their attempts to get a wild card berth. Will we see the Seahawks continue their resurgence next season? Could we be looking at a slightly more legitimate 49ers-Seahawks rivalry in the next couple years?