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Golden Nuggets: Where Different Shoes Are Worse Than Violent Concussions

In two days time, the San Francisco 49ers will play the St. Louis Rams in a game that means little and will only serve to ruin their position in 2012 NFL Draft. That is the sentence that I honestly expected I'd be writing before the season began (and though I have technically done so, I am using it to illustrate a point). Needless to say, I'm ridiculously happy that the first sentence doesn't apply, and that the 49ers have something to fight for in Week 17. I'm also happy that the something is the fact that San Francisco is fighting for the No. 2 seed.

It's absolutely ludicrous that Marshawn Lynch was fined more than the guy who speared Kyle Williams with a helmet-to-helmet hit. Lynch's fine was for wearing Skittles-patterned cleats, mind you. I suppose the argument is that Lynch fully intended to break the rules, while the other guy did it in the heat of the moment. The hit still sickens me, as do the people who insist that it didn't break any rules. Truly, it boggles the mind that some folks don't know about surrendering rules, and a player's inability to punish another player who is on the ground. (

Well, it's likely that wide receiver Joe Hastings is elevated to the 53-man roster (which is the correct call, all of you wayward Terrell Owens fans), but they're not going to make that decision until today. Since he's practicing with the team anyway, there's no real reason to rush to add him to the roster. (

Relative unknowns will have big roles on Sunday, including Joe Hastings. Brett Swain should also see some time, but really, I can't get excited about him at all. I just don't see much to work with there, and since receivers often prove me wrong, he'll probably get a couple hundred yards receiving. (

Here's the latest of Maiocco's mailbag posts, generally a good read. (

Eric Branch decided to compare the comebacks from Joe Montana with those of Alex Smith. I think it's safe to say that Montana's are, and probably always will be, the best. (

I actually have been wanting to see Reggie Smith return some punts, so I'm excited to see that on Sunday, if it does happen. I also want Kendall Hunter to have the football whenever he possibly can. (

It looks like Patrick Willis will play if he's really healthy, and I'm not sure how I feel about that, to be honest. I'm just fine with Larry Grant in there on Sunday. (

Ted Ginn Jr. and Kyle Williams listed as "questionable." (

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