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NCAA College Football Bowl Games Thread: Happy New Years Eve!

Happy New Years Eve to everybody. Tonight is an evening dedicated to amateur drinkers the world over. I generally choose not to plan too much because it seems like big plans are often a letdown for NYE. A friend of mine is having a cocktail party at his place, so I'll go over for some drinks and hanging out with friends. It will allow me to get back and get a decent night's sleep to get ready for tomorrow's regular season finale. The 49ers have a 10:00am game, so it is a bit of an "early" morning.

In the meantime, today is a big day for bowl action. We have five bowl games on tap, with a few intriguing matchups and some possible stinkers as well. After the jump, I've posted a rundown of some of the prospects from each of the five bowl games, courtesy of Mocking The Draft. Throughout the day they will also have more detailed posts on each of the bowl games, so head over to see what they have to say about the draft prospects in each game.

Today is thankfully the last day of most of the fairly awful bowl matchups. There is one more .500 vs. .500 bowl game between Ohio State and Florida on Monday, but otherwise it is mostly quality football after today.

However, today you get to enjoy games like the truly epic Kraft Fight Hunger Bowl up here in San Francisco. It features 6-6 Illinois versus 6-7 UCLA in a game that UCLA had to apply for a waiver to play. Even better? Both teams have fired their head coaches, Illinois has lost six straight and UCLA has been outscored 99-31 in their last two games. Good times will be had by all. Over at SB Nation Bay Area, we have a story stream set up for the game and one of our guys will be covering the game from a slightly more comedic angle. Given that the Bay Area has no rooting interest in the game (aside from Boo UCLA!), we've decided to take a fun approach to an awful matchup.

The necessary TV channel and time info is listed after the jump with each bowl game. We have three ESPN games, one ABC game and a CBS game. If you are looking for something fun to do on New Years Eve, watching these games is probably not high on the list. But if you need to get your college football fix and want to check out a mix of solid draft prospects, we'll have this thread open all day for chatter. And if you just want to discuss how drunk you are getting, go to town.

Meineke Car Care Bowl; Houston, TX
Texas A&M vs. Northwestern (ESPN/ESPN3, 12:00pm)
Tannehill Ryan QB Sr. (RS) Texas A&M 1-3
Fuller Jeff WR Sr. Texas A&M 2-5 (↓)
Gray Cyrus RB Sr. Texas A&M 3-5
Judie Coryell CB Sr. (RS) Texas A&M 3-6
Jerod-Eddie Tony DT Sr. Texas A&M 5-7
Williams Garrick ILB Sr. (RS) Texas A&M 6-UD
Hunter Trent FS Sr. Texas A&M 6-UD
Frederick Terrence CB Sr. (RS) Texas A&M 6-UD
Porter Sean OLB Jr. Texas A&M 1-3
Lewis Patrick G Jr. Texas A&M 3-6
Nwachukwu Uzoma WR Jr. Texas A&M 5-7
Michael Christine RB Jr. Texas A&M 5-7
Swope Ryan WR Jr. (RS) Texas A&M 5-UD
Campbell Steven SS Jr. Texas A&M 7-UD
Prioleau Hutson TE Soph. (RS) Texas A&M 7-UD (↓)
Matthews Jake OT Soph. Texas A&M N/A (↑)
Moore Damontre 3-4 OLB Soph. Texas A&M N/A (↑)
Joeckel Luke OT Soph. Texas A&M N/A
Hicks Nehemiah TE Soph. Texas A&M N/A
Raven Floyd CB Fr. Texas A&M N/A
Matthews Howard SS Fr. Texas A&M N/A
Ward Patrick OT Jr. Northwestern 6-UD
Williams Quentin DE Jr. (RS) Northwestern 6-UD
Jones Christian WR Fr. Northwestern N/A

Hyundai Sun Bowl; El Paso, TX
Georgia Tech vs. Utah (CBS, 2:00pm)
Peters Jason DE Sr. (RS) Georgia Tech UD (↓)
Uzzi Omoregie G Jr. (RS) Georgia Tech 3-5
Hill Stephen WR Jr. Georgia Tech 4-6 (↓)
Cross Izaan 3-4 DE Jr. Georgia Tech 4-6 (↓)
Sweeting Rod CB Jr. Georgia Tech 4-6 (↑)
Smith Orwin RB Jr. Georgia Tech UD (↓)
Johnson Isaiah S Soph. Georgia Tech N/A (↑)
Attaochu Jeremiah OLB Soph. Georgia Tech N/A (↑)
Young Louis CB Soph. Georgia Tech N/A
Nealy Quayshawn ILB Fr. (RS) Georgia Tech N/A
Perkins Charles RB Fr. (RS) Georgia Tech N/A
Cullen John OT Sr. Utah 6-UD
Bergstrom Tony RT Sr. Utah 7-UD
Lotulelei Star DT Jr. Utah 3-5
Kruger Dave DT Jr. (RS) Utah 5-7
Taumoelau Percy OT Soph. (RS) Utah 6-UD
Kruger Joe DE Soph. (RS) Utah 3-5
Reilly Trevor 3-4OLB Soph. (RS) Utah 4-6
Blechen Brian OLB Soph. Utah N/A
Rowe Eric FS Fr. Utah N/A

AutoZone Liberty Bowl; Memphis, TN
Cincinnati vs. Vanderbilt (ABC/ESPN3, 3:30pm)
Pead Isaiah RB Sr. Cincinnati 3-5 (↑)
Wolfe Derek DT Sr. Cincinnati 5-UD (↑)
Hoffman Alex OT Sr. (RS) Cincinnati 6-UD (↑)
Schaffer J.K. ILB Sr. Cincinnati 6-UD (↑)
Frey Drew SS Jr. (RS) Cincinnati 5-UD
Stewart Walter DE Jr. (RS) Cincinnati 6-UD
Bujnoch Austen G Soph. (RS) Cincinnati 7-UD (↑)
Washington Shaq WR Fr. Cincinnati N/A
Temple Nick OLB Fr. Cincinnati N/A (↑)
Hayward Casey CB Sr. Vanderbilt 4-6
Marve Chris ILB Sr. (RS) Vanderbilt 5-UD
Richardson Sean SS Sr. Vanderbilt 6-UD
Lohr Rob DT Jr. (RS) Vanderbilt 7-UD
Marshall Javon FS Soph. (RS) Vanderbilt 7-UD
Garnham Chase OLB Soph. Vanderbilt N/A
Ladler Kenneth SS Soph. Vanderbilt N/A

Kraft Fight Hunger Bowl; San Francisco, CA
Illinois vs. UCLA (ESPN/ESPN3, 3:30pm)
Jenkins A.J. WR Sr. Illinois 3-5 (↑)
Allen Jeff OT Sr. Illinois 6-UD
Mercilus Whitney DE Jr. Illinois 1-2 (↑)
Pocic Graham C Jr. (RS) Illinois 2-4
Buchanan Michael DE/ATH Jr. Illinois 6-7
Hawthorne Terry CB Jr. Illinois 6-UD
Spence Akeem DT Soph. (RS) Illinois 1-3
Hull Steve SS Soph. (RS) Illinois 6-UD
Brown Jonathan OLB Soph. Illinois N/A (↑)
Bates Houston OLB Fr. (RS) Illinois N/A
Young Donovonn RB Fr. Illinois N/A
Dye Tony SS Sr. UCLA 5-UD (↓)
Westgate Sean OLB Sr. UCLA 7-UD
Franklin Johnathan RB Jr. (RS) UCLA 5-UD (↓)
Fauria Joseph TE Jr. (RS) UCLA 4-7
Hester Aaron CB Jr. (RS) UCLA 5-UD
Larimore Patrick ILB Jr. (RS) UCLA 5-UD (↑)
Locke Jeff P Jr. (RS) UCLA 6-UD
Jones Datone DE Jr. (RS) UCLA 6-UD (↑)
Hillard Dalton FS Jr. UCLA 7-UD
Zumwalt Jordan ILB Soph. UCLA N/A
Riley Dietrich SS Soph. UCLA N/A
Odighizuwa Owamagbe DE Soph. UCLA N/A
Marsh Cassius DT Soph. UCLA N/A

Chick-fil-A Bowl; Atlanta, GA
Virginia vs. Auburn (ESPN/ESPN3, 7:30pm)
Minnifield Chase CB Sr. (RS) Virginia 1-2
Johnson Cam DE Sr. Virginia 2-4
Conrath Matt DT/3-4 DE Sr. (RS) Virginia 5-UD
Mosley Corey FS Sr. (RS) Virginia 7-UD
Burd Kris WR Sr. (RS) Virginia 7-UD (↑)
Aboushi Oday OT Jr. Virginia 3-6 (↑)
Greer Steve ILB Jr. (RS) Virginia 7-UD
Hill Will DT Jr. Virginia 7-UD (↑)
Moses Morgan OT Soph. Virginia N/A (↑)
Nicholson Demetrious CB Fr. Virginia N/A
Parks Kevin RB Fr. (RS) Virginia N/A (↓)
Mosley Brandon OT Sr. Auburn 3-5
Thorpe Neiko CB/FS Sr. Auburn 6-UD
Lutzenkirchen Philip TE Jr. Auburn 3-5
Blake Emory WR Jr. Auburn 3-6
McCalebb Onterio RB Jr. Auburn 6-UD
Bates Daren OLB/SS Jr. Auburn 6-UD (↑)
Bell T'Sharvan CB Jr. (RS) Auburn 7-UD
Eguae Nosa DE Soph. (RS) Auburn 7-UD
Burgess Blake C Soph. (RS) Auburn 7-UD
Dyer Michael RB Soph. Auburn N/A
Lemonier Corey DE Soph. Auburn N/A
Whitaker Jeffrey DT Soph. Auburn N/A
Holland Jake ILB Soph. Auburn N/A
Florence Erique FS Fr. Auburn N/A