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NFL Coaching Carousel: Will The 49ers Take A Spin?

The NFL wraps up the regular season tomorrow afternoon with a full slate of Week 17 action. Since the playoffs get started next week, the NFL has all 32 teams playing on Sunday so that no team gets any sort of day or more rest advantage over a potential playoff opponent (I realize I'm stating the obvious).

While the 49ers will thankfully be getting ready for their first playoff game in nearly a decade, the big story tomorrow night and early into Monday will likely be several teams handing out pink slips on what is often referred to as Black Monday. Don Banks put together his run-down of potential firings on Black Monday as well as possible hiring candidates for those jobs.

We've had some previous discussions here and there about whether the 49ers might have candidates for other jobs. Jim Leavitt is a possibility to head back to the college ranks if the right opportunity comes along. Nobody else has been mentioned in any context for another job, and I'm not really sure if I see it happening this offseason.

I would also think that the longer the team lasts in the playoffs, the less likely it is that assistants will take other jobs. They would have opportunities to interview in between playoff rounds, but teams can get impatient in the hiring process and instead of scoring Mr. Right, they end up with Mr. Right Now. Bad for them, good for the 49ers.

At this point, all I can expect would be a surprise. We talk about how Vic Fangio and Greg Roman might not leave after this season, but then there are guys like wide receivers coach John Morton and tight ends coach Reggie Davis, among others, who are relatively young and earning their stripes as position coaches. They are not locks to leave, but maybe another NFL team is looking to boost their responsibilities? Or maybe a college team wants to bring them in as a coordinator. It seems less likely at the college level since the hiring process is already flying along, but still a possibility after bowl season.

Do you think the 49ers see some coaching losses (beyond Coach Harbaugh-initiated changes), or will it take another year for 49ers coaches to start becoming the popular ones around the water-cooler?