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Golden Nuggets: 49ers Looking To Lock Up NFC West

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Morning, folks. Kudos to Fooch for covering for me the past couple days. I was unable to do the Nuggets yesterday due to my sister having her baby - so I now have a niece, her name is Emma. I am going to be woken up an awful lot over the next week or so, which means I'll probably be up just late enough to bring you good folks the Nuggets. Lucky you! If I miss any links, go ahead and post 'em up in the comments. I'll be in the press box today for the 49ers game, make sure to follow me on Twitter and my in-game commentary at SB Nation Bay Area's Twitter, as well. Enjoy.

Santa Clara, 49ers announce deal to pay for stadium (

Joe Montana's team still big in Japan (

Snyder proud to be linked to Gore's success (

49ers RB Frank Gore talks about breaking team's all-time rushing record (

Focusing in on the NFC playoff picture (

49ers-Rams: Matchups to watch (

With Bradford ailing, Rams add Brandstate to active roster (

49ers Q&A with St. Louis Rams Examiner Tim Slutsarits (

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