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Week 13 NFL Morning Games Open Thread

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Fooch's Note: Game thread will post at 1:00pm PT

Week 13 returns with a morning slate that includes some solid matchups and a few potential stinkers. The game of the morning is probably Pittsburgh hosting Cincinnati. The Steelers won the first game in Cincy and I'd imagine most expect a follow-up victory at home. The Steelers barely held on in Kansas City last week, so I suppose anything is possible. A Bengals win would give Baltimore a strong one-game lead on those two if they beat Cleveland.

The under the radar game that I am looking forward to is Oakland at Miami. The Dolphins are playing some solid football lately while the Raiders are hanging on to first place in the AFC West in spite of a boat load of injuries. Now they get to add Rolando McClain's arrest to their list of issues. He hasn't had a fantastic 2011, but he has been fairly solid in run support. If he is absent from the game, that could cost the Raiders.

The Patriots host the Colts with New England holding one of the biggest spreads in recent memory. The Patriots are a 21-point favorites against a Colts team that has a lot of question marks and really no answers. They are making a quarterback switch, giving Dan Orlovsky a chance to QB another 0-16 squad. I suppose that brings some question marks about wagering on a 21-points spread. A strong performance from Donald Brown could keep the Colts in this one, but it could turn into a laugher pretty quickly.

We'll be back later this morning with the inactives and then our game thread. In the meantime, enjoy some morning football.