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49ers Vs. Rams Second Quarter Game Thread: SF Leads 3-0

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The 49ers opened up the game by receiving the opening kickoff - something rather new at this point. A couple of runs led to a 49ers first down, including an Alex Smith scramble to get it done. Then, the 49ers ran the same exact dumpoff to Vernon Davis two plays in a row and were unable to convert the third down. So they punted, and then Steven Jackson did his thing for a couple yards and the Rams punted. It was a thrilling couple of possessions, I assure you. The times I were awake were fantastic.

On the first play of the next 49ers possession, Michael Crabtree hauled in a 14 yard reception and converted the opening first down. Frank Gore takes the next play, and gains a yard - he forgot to bring his dancing shoes, perhaps he can borrow some from Anthony Dixon. Kyle Williams gets started with a ten yard reception to convert an eventual first down. Vernon Davis finally hauls in a productive pass, and 49ers fans everywhere breathe a sigh of relief. Eventually, David Akers nails a 36-yard field goal and the 49ers take the lead.

At this point, the Rams got a first down. It came at a high price though, as offensive lineman Adam Goldberg left the field. On the next play, former 49er Brit Miler broke a big first down, and linebacker Patrick Willis went down on the play. He hurt his right leg, and was helped off the field. Why don't they serve liquor in the pressbox?

Oh - cool - the 49ers forced a punt. They come back on offense. There's some yard here, some yards there, and Gore gets within two yards of the 49ers franchise rushing record. So naturally, Crabtree converts to the first down with a 15 yard reception. We're in the second quarter at this point. Frank Gore picks up the record with a short run, good stuff. Smith taken down hard by James Laurinaitis on the next play. Kendall Hunter shows impressive acceleration, but falls short of the first down. 49ers go for it on fourth down, but get called for a false start and elect to punt. They lead 3-0 in the second quarter.