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49ers Vs. Rams Third Quarter Thread: David Akers. That Is All.

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With Patrick Willis out, it's good to see players step up. The first thing I noticed in the second quarter was Donte Whitner being fired out of a gun barrel to make a stop in the backfield. Then, it was Aldon Smith recovering a fumble forced by Ray McDonald in the red zone and the 49ers took over. They weren't able to punch it in though, and David Akers nails the short field goal, putting the 49ers up 6-0. They really should have scored at that point.

[insert St. Louis Rams quarterback here] took the field, and Dashon Goldson missed an interception, giving Austin Pettis a 17-yard reception. Fortunately, the Rams get stuffed on first down and then are called for a chop block and faced a 2nd and 25.. Then they went ahead and lost more yardage, and punted. The 49ers took over at the 35 yard line.

After a pee break ... uh, I mean a TV timeout, Smith took the first snap from the shotgun, Gore to his right. Delanie Walker motioned to the backfield to Smith's left and both of them went out to catch a pass. Smith threw to Gore, but he threw it high. Then Smith ran an option play like a boss and picked up good yardage. Michael Crabtree catches another 15-yard pass and then Smith goes deep to Davis with a PERFECT 40-yard touchdown pass that wasn't to be. Right through Davis' hands.

Where the hell is Mike Singletary?

The 49ers do get back to driving though - Gore picks up 20 yards and sets the 49ers up with a first down at the 10 yard line, and we hit the two minute warning. Naturally, the drive stalls out with little progress and Akers kicks another field goal. St. Louis got the ball back, threw a couple incompletions, and then Larry Grant brutalized A.J. Feeley like it was personal. Rams were forced to punt and the 49ers got the ball back with two timeouts, under a minute to go at their own 43 yard line.

So, Vernon Davis catches a big pass - and is hit directly in his Danny Woodhead - so he fumbles, but the 49ers maintain possession. Then the 49ers get called for delay of game, and then Alex Smith overthrows Crabtree by about fiteen yards, but they're called for holding anyway. Smith eventually hits Ted Ginn Jr. for good yardage, and Smith goes deep again on the next play. Unfortunately, he overthrows Ginn this time, again by about fifteen yards. Both times the Rams were in man coverage and both times Smith could have had an easy touchdown. But it's a hold anyway - again. Then there's another penalty, I think - and Smith is sacked big time. Anthony Davis is being abused by Chris Long. Half comes to an end.