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49ers vs. Rams Fourth Quarter Thread: Michael Crabtree Ballin', 49ers Lead 19-0

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The Rams started off well, with a big completion to Brandon Lloyd, and Tarell Brown was called for pass interference. It was the second bogus pass interference call on him in as many weeks, but it was a good completion nonetheless. On the next play, A.J. Feeley was hit, and threw an interception to Dashon Goldson, who missed a big one earlier in the game. The 49ers took over at the 12 yard line after Goldson was called for excessive demonstration - a deserved penalty.

Frank Gore grabbed a couple of yards on a run, and then Ted Ginn Jr. picked up sixteen yards on an end-around. Then it's Delanie Walker picking up a first down on a reverse, with great blocks laid out by Bruce Miller and Adam Snyder. On the next play, Alex Smith goes deep to Michael Crabtree for a 52 yard touchdown. So beautiful - it's the same pass that Vernon Davis dropped earlier in the game.

So, I was still gushing about Bruce Miller and I missed the Rams drive. My sources tell me the 49ers spanked Steven Jackson and Carlos Rogers wasn't having any of that third down passing jive. They punted. The 49ers get a nice pass off to Ted Ginn Jr, but Kyle Williams is called for an illegal block in the back. He was guiltier than [insert high profile controversial court verdict here] [insert laughs here] [insert "no, but seriously, folks ... here], that was blatant. Gore picks up a couple, and then Kyle Williams picks up 20 yards on a run, and throws out a monster stiff arm. Beautiful. Unfortunately, the 49ers are forced to kick another field goal, but it's good and they lead 19-0.

St. Louis comes out and I'm inclined to do some more gushing about Miller, but I won't. But they didn't do anything with their drive. They stalled out, and then Aldon Smith destroyted Adam Goldberg on third down to pick up a huge sack. They punted and the 49ers took over at the 33 yard line.

After a couple short runs, Smith hit Ginn for a first down, for 12 yards. He went deep again on the next play, to Vernon Davis, but it was overthrown - the third time this game. Smith is sacked on third down and they punt the ball. The quarter came to an end after a couple short plays by the Rams, with the 49ers leading 19-0.