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Patrick Willis Injury Update: 49ers Linebacker To Get MRI On Monday

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The San Francisco 49ers suffered a bit of a scare today as linebacker Patrick Willis left the game in the first quarter with a strain of his right hamstring. Willis attempted a tackle on fullback Brit Miller and went down to his knees with the strain. The trainers came out and Willis eventually was helped off the field.

Willis will get an MRI tomorrow to check the severity of the injury, but it appears the injury isn't too severe. According to Matt Maiocco, Willis was able to walk out of the locker room this afternoon without any apparent difficult. The 49ers played it smart by not trying to get him back into the game. Larry Grant played some awesome football in place of Willis and the Rams offense never really threatened the 49ers.

As the 49ers look to the coming week, I'd imagine Willis will at most be limited in practice, and might very well get some entire days off. If he can go against the Cardinals, great, but I'm also perfectly fine sitting him for a week if there are any question marks.