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'Who's Got It Better Than Us? Nobody!' The Rap Song

As is to be expected when a team finds success, pop culture jumps into the fray. Now that the 49ers have clinched the NFC West, this will only increase. I'm fine with all of that as long as it does not lead to a team-inspired rap song.

A Bay Area rapper has put together something that is actually pretty solid. Bailey put it together, and even if you are not a fan of this style of music, you gotta love working in "Who's Got It Better Than Us? Nobody!" The chant sounds a little slow because of the way the response goes, but as the song moves on, I think it kind of grows on you.

Speaking of the chant, I was able to score some tickets to yesterday's game and it was my first chance to hear that chant over and over during the game. I don't get to many home games, but walking through the concourse it was shouted out fairly frequently. Entertaining stuff.