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Don't Do The Wave When 49ers Are On Offense, Says Joe Staley ... But You Shouldn't Do It Ever

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Fooch's Note: I've included video of the offending wave after the jump.

This is a public service announcement from Niners Nation, San Francisco 49ers left tackle Joe Staley, and of course most importantly, me. On Sunday, when the 49ers beat the St. Louis Rams 26-0, fans were certainly enthused. Folks were running around the concourse and parking lots shouting at the top of their lungs "Who's got it better than us? Noooobody!" and that's fine. In fact, that gives the team more energy than you'll ever know.

You know what doesn't show excitement for your team and doesn't get the team energized? "The Wave."

The Wave isn't a unique way of cheering for your team, and in fact, it's not a way of cheering at all. The Wave is some odd and somewhat sad way of saying "Hahaha I'm a fan at a football game! OMG look at me wave!" followed by "Hahaha, the people next to us are also fans at a football game! OMG look at them wave!" Seriously, people .. you can let loose your enthusiasm in more intelligent-friendly ways.

On top of that, The Wave actually has a tendency to take on a mind of its own and interfere with the game itself. During the third quarter of Sunday's game, The Wave took on a mind of its own. Fans were excited and probably thoroughly drunk, and decided to get The Wave going. Unfortunately, this Wave continued while the 49ers were on offense, the crowd roaring with drunken delight as loudly as possible, and prompted Joe Staley to get somewhat upset with the fans for doing it.

For one, stop being loud when the offense is on the field. Fans should know that. For two, stop doing The Wave. Friends don't let friends do The Wave.