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49ers Vs. Rams: Happy Hour With Harbaugh

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After today's players' day off, the San Francisco 49ers get set to begin their work week for their matchup with the Arizona Cardinals. Before that, head coach Jim Harbaugh will chat with the media in his weekly Monday press conference. Normally the press conference is at noon, but it was pushed back to 3pm today. I believe it was due to the Chester McGlockton memorial service, but I'm not positive.

Either way, Coach Harbaugh is here for his weekly press conference, where he will likely discuss the 49ers division championship, the 49ers defensive effort, and getting ready for the Arizona Cardinals. The big question that will likely not get much in the way of an informative answer is Patrick Willis' status heading into Week 14. Willis injured his hamstring in the first quarter and sat out the remainder of the game. I suspect he will be very limited in practice, but it is tough to tell whether he will sit out Sunday's game against the Arizona Cardinals. My gut says no, but we'll have to wait and see.

You can view the press conference on a live stream after the jump, at or at

Jim Harbaugh Press Conference