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Monday Night Football Open Thread: Let's See Tirico/Jaws/Gruden Sell This One

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Monday Night Football is back to wrap up week 13 and it starts a two-week stretch of pretty blah matchups. The league cannot flex out of the MNF contests so this week we get the excitement of San Diego at Jacksonville and next week we get the even more exciting St. Louis at Seattle contest. Who really does have it better than us these next two weeks?!

The Chargers head into tonight's game in a tailspin, having lost six straight games to leave them at 4-7. Embattled head coach Norv Turner is on the hottest of hot seats and might soon follow Jaguars former head coach Jack Del Rio out the door if the Chargers lose tonight.

There is not a whole lot you can do to paint this as a great matchup. It could end up being an entertaining game, but I'm not exactly holding my breath. I always find games like this entertaining in part because we get to see the announcers stumble to come up with entertaining storylines. I'd imagine the MNF crew will focus on Blaine Gabbert and Philip Rivers, maybe some Maurice Jones-Drew and a little Antonio Gates. It isn't a pretty one.